Macros with Shell Script are staying visible in Cancel menu item

I have multiple macros with execute shell script actions in them. ("Execute text script")
I have the macros setup to run periodically in the background.
The shell scripts run successfully and I either ignore the script results or save them to a variable.

This works fine, but I noticed that when I click on the KM engine menu item and hover over the "Cancel" item to see all running macros, those macros with scripts in them don't disappear after running and pile up. Only when I leave the menu bar item, focus on any open app window and return to the KM menu bar item, the list in "Cancel" is empty again, but will start to pile up with those script macros again.

When I configure the shell script actions to run asynchronously, this doesn't happen and the macros disappear from the Cancel list as expected.

Is this just an UI bug in the menu bar item, or is there something to worry about, because my scripts/macros don't finish running correctly and clog up my system?