Magic Keyboard Lock Key: Is there a way to disable?

I've made a macro that performs a forward-delete when I press the lock key in the upper right of my Apple keyboard using a USB Device Key Trigger. That being said, if I hold the key down more than very briefly it still locks the computer. I've tried setting a second trigger for the forward-delete macro to when the key is long-pressed, and also tried making a second macro to trigger when the key is long-pressed to wake the screen, but neither prevented the screen from locking.
Not the end of the world, but thought I'd throw it out there in case anyone has ideas.

Hello @82Taylor :wave:

I would suggest that you use Karabiner-Elements for this ….

It might be a better option for all operations on a lower Keyboard Remapping since this tool was exactly designed to do this specific kind of thing.

There you maybe could use some rule like press the lock key with any modifier will execute Keyboard Maestro Macros and without still locks the Mac when pressen for example more than two seconds.

Since I don’t have a Keyboard with a lock key I can’t test it …. But the chance is very high that you could get it to work using this Keyboard remapping tool.

I am using this tool for about 8 years now for some custom things and never had any issues …

And a little fun fact - I still use version 13.x with macOS Monterey completely without issues … that maybe is possible due to my specific setup - who knows …

Greetings from Germany


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