Mail macro triggering through Alfred/OmniFocus popup into Mail

I made a macro for to use the delete key for Archive since that doesn't seem to work reliably on Catalina for me. I put the macro in a group that is 'Available in these Applications: Mail' The macro works fine when I'm using, but when I open an OmniFocus popup or the Alfred popup, and hit the delete key in there, it still archives mail. Changing the group to "Available when a focused window exist" didn't help. How do I avoid archiving mail when the keyboard focus should be on Alfred or OmniFocus?

can you show the macro, thanks

Ah, I think I sorted it:

I thought "Available in Mail" would be enough, but it seems like "Application 'Mail' is at the front" fixed the problem?

So -- does "Available in Mail" normally work, but doesn't address hotkey popups perfectly?

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"Available in" restricts the Macro Group to only work in the select app(s).

your solution is the right one.

btw KM can also detect if the app is running, or open the app it if it's not already open and send to the front.