Mail select menu intermittantly not working

I use a Mail plugin called Mailtags and wish to use a shortcut to add a mailtag to an email. I have the following script:


Intermittantly, the Select "@Action" in the Menu "Message" in Mail does not work. As you can see from the image below, the menu item exists:

Can anyone suggest something that I can do to always make this work.

Many thanks

If you think it has to do with the special character @, you could try to replace @Action in the Select Menu action with a RegEx:



Definitely something weird happened with an update within the last month or so. I get the same result for all of my KM MailTag related keywords macros until I manually select one keyword addition. If I manually select adding a keyword the first time after Mail is opened, the KM macro will select the MailTag selections from then on. That's not how it worked for the last year or so. Something happened. I don't know if it was a MailTag update or KM.

Here is the KM error in the log:

Select Menu Item failed to find target menu item Message➤MailTags➤Add Keyword➤File. Macro “Add File Tag from MailTags” cancelled (while executing Select “File” in the Menu “Message” in Mail).

Like I said - After manually performing the MailTag keyword addition once (after starting Mail), through the menu, all subsequent MailTag macros work. Otherwise, they all fail.

I'm still testing but I have the same issue.

Well. After searching, I saw that @peternlewis already discussed this issue in this post. I'll simply incorporate an action when launching Mail. It's an extra step but I run some extra rules using MailTag when I launch mail. The solution won't be that disruptive.

Here is what I added per Peter's instructions (or what I interpreted his instructions to be).

The steps below are several seconds into my full macro. Therefore, you may need to add a pause until Mail is running beforehand.


Let me know if this works for you.


That seems to have worked. Thank you.

Hello. This is slightly off topic. @pdoak - It looks like you are using a script for OmniFocus. I would be very interested any an script you have the moves emails to OF. I am not a fan of the Clip-o-Tron. Please DM me if you are open to sharing your MailtoOFv2 script. Thanks!