Maintain Clipboard History Switcher Open

Sorry if this has been discussed already (in which case redirect me to propre topic).

Is it possible to keep the clipboard history switcher open after pasting one of its items? I tend to paste several items one after the other and I have to reopen the switcher every time.


Yes, it's possible. This was covered relatively recently, albeit as part of a larger topic related to copying and pasting: Paste In Order Copied

It's also covered in the Keyboard Maestro wiki: Clipboard History Switcher

Thanks I'll have a look.

If you want to keep the Clipboard History Switcher open after selection/action, the specific post you want is #23, from user gglick of the Paste In Order Copied topic: Paste In Order Copied - #23 by gglick.

basically, click on the circle with the X icon in the CHS menu bar to toggle hiding or keeping the window open.