Major snagit irritant: unable to create a macro shortcut to change text / font size

A major irritant with snagit is the fact that there is no hotkey to adjust text size.

You have to

  • highlight the text
  • got menu → text → Bigger or Smaller

It works manually but is very tedious, just as using the slider in text properties of show fonts.

I could not find any shortcut to do so.

I wrote the simple macro below, but it does not work despite trying multiple triggers.

thanks in advance for your time and help

Have you tried adding a Shortcut in the App Shortcuts section of System Preferences > Keyboard?


a perfect solution. thanks very much !

My pleasure!

Hi @ronald, do I understand correctly that you want to change the text size quickly?
I also use a macro that works like this:

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thank you, but I think that @mrpasini's solution is perfect and very fast.

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