Make FileMaker Pro Window Float on Top

I want to use Keyboard Maestro to make a window stay always on top.

The program I am trying to use this for is FileMaker.

I do this on Windows with a program called AutoIt, and I am looking for a way to accomplish this on a Mac.


create this macro and edit the trigger for FileMaker, adjust the repeat time, and edit the Activate to Filemaker. just realize that this macro will have some processing overhead.

Stay on top of what -- other applications, other FileMaker windows? Do you mean you want it to always be the focused window as well?

I don't understand much about it, but as far as I know, a well-functioning floating window must be implemented by the app itself. Like in Apple Notes, for example.

For the Mac, there used to be a free app called Afloat that managed to do this to some extent with other app's windows.

BTT can do that too, with all windows. It's not perfect, but I still used this every day. Personally, I find this an indispensable extra feature for my window management.

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Keyboard Maestro cannot convert an application window into a floating window – period.

This task has come up semi-regularly for some time, and the best solution I've heard is what @Frankb suggests (BetterTouchTool).

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If you want to try BTT, you can do that 45 days for free. And this is the action that makes windows float.


Hello, and thanks for the reply. I want to be able to move away from it. It should remain on top of the window I change focus to. I am going to upload a video of what I mean. Thanks

Hey, hope all is going well. OK, I never heard about Afloat or BetterTouchTool. I am going to check them out. I am always glad to know about programs that are indispensable. On Windows, I have a lot myself. I have gotten out to that practice on a Mac. I am going to show a video of what I do on Windows. Thanks for all the help

Thanks for the reply. I will remember that Keyboard Maestro cannot convert to a floating window. I am checking out @Frankb 's suggestion.

I was hoping the answer was within Keyboard Maestro. This looks like it could do the trick. It has been some years but I think it was my answer before to accomplish this. This is super to know about anyway! Thanks

Here is what I am trying to accomplish on the Mac.

Yes, that's exactly what "Pin/Unpin Focused Window..." does.