Make Global Palette Display on Focused Window

I have multiple displays. I also use the global macro palette. Is it possible to make it so that the palette will display on my current active window rather than just staying in one place.

Here is an example. I am on Screen 1 and so the palette is on the middle right of my screen (that is the location I keep it). I then click on an application on Screen 2 and I would like the palette to go to the middle right of Screen 2.

No, currently there is no trigger to detect focuses screen change (I’m not sure there is any public way to do that), and also there is no way to control the position of the global macro palette (or any other palette) from a macro.

And yes, it is ironic that Keyboard Maestro itself is very difficult to control from a macro.

@peternlewis. Is there any chance this has become easier in more recent versions of KM / macOS?

There is a trigger for focussed window changes, it could probably detect when the focus changes to another screen.

There is still no native control for palette locations, though you can use AppleScript accessibility access to adjust palette positions.