Make hotkey combination behave like cmd + tab

Is it possible to make a key combination behave the same way as alt + tab?

E.g. I would like cmd + u to behave the same way as alt + tab in a certain application.

This means that once cmd + u was pressed, and cmd was held down, it would simulate that alt + tab had just been pressed, but with alt held down — hope that makes sense.

Use case: I use a great little extension called CronTab for Safari: I'd like to remap its default hotkey combination of alt + tab to cmd + u, which is easier when you have both hands on the keyboard.

You are better off using a keyboard remapping tool like Karabiner Elements for such low level key remapping.

Keyboard Maestro can simulate a second key from a key, but things like holding down different keys or swapping keys are not going to work well with Keyboard Maestro.

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