Make Prompt With List popup taller


Is it possible to make the Prompt with List popup taller to display more rows? Currently it only displays around 15 rows.


Width yes (under the Gear menu) but height no. The idea, I suspect, is that with over 100 possibilities to list, the trick is to start typing to narrow the list down. The more you type, the smaller the list.

Thanks for the response @mrpasini. I didn't think it was possible either, but I had to ask to be sure. :slight_smile:

Just a thought - If you want to see the list all in one go, you might be better off using the popup menu from the User Prompt Action:

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Thanks for the suggestion @Zabobon.

However, I use Prompt with List from file, where the text file is composed of notes that I can easily access. I love Prompt with List because I could do searches and use keyboard. When I select row(s), the macro pastes the row(s). When I select 'Edit', it opens the text file in BBEdit. So it's super easy to update the file, re-arrange the order, etc. And super easy to access the info in the file. Just wish I could see more rows of the file.

Thanks to @noisneil for creating a Custom HTML Prompt that addresses this issue in another thread. :slight_smile: