Make selection sentence case?

Quick question about text modification:
Is there a way to have the clipboard text set to "sentence case" where the first letter of each sentence is capitalized and the rest is set to lowercase?

For example:
this is a test. this Is alSo a test.This is a test. This is also a test.

I don't see an option for it in the filter system clipboard action:


I think maybe the Upper case First will do that.

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Nope, that produces this: This is a test. this Is alSo a test.

Seems like you could do two actions. Lowercase (all), followed by Uppercase First.


Can't you combine them?

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Oops. Sorry @gordonmeeyr. I had started the macro and was testing. But I had the exact same idea... there is no rule against combining filters.

How about this, using JavaScript?

Test Convert Clipboard to Sentence Case.kmmacros (3.6 KB)

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There's Improved Sentence Case Macro, which has been around a while.

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Thanks for the help everyone.