Making Changes to Your Topic

Peter, Along those lines… I went searching for a way to edit the Title: of my “bank statements (thread) part 2” so I could call it. “Bank Statement Download” because the topic seemed to morph and I thought that if someone else were looking for help with a similar macro, it would be easier to find it. There’s more than one thread too so then I started wondering if there’s a way to merge threads. Since I am the thread owner my heads pretty deep in the subject. I know there’s a way to merge and reTitle posts in WordPress (for admins). Is there a similar way to merge topics/edit topic title?

By the way for those of you who are curious about Discourse, the blog lists some interesting features and there are movies they created to demonstrate the features.

The blog is located HERE

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You can edit the title of the topic by clicking the pencil icon at the right end of the topic title.

It is possible to split and merge topics, take messages out of one topic and place them in another one, and so forth. But I imagine it is an admin-only feature so for that sort of thing, the best bet is either to contact me directly and say what you’d like done. You can flag a message and alert the moderators that way - the flag system in Discourse is mostly aimed at letting people alert the modifiers to gross violations, spam, etc, but we don’t generally have a lot of that, so it can be used for more general reporting of issues/requests - just ignore the language that Discourse uses which tends to be like “The moderators have been alerted and will deal with the problem”, just read that sort of language as “The moderators have been notified” and don’t read too much in to the automated language.

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To be clear, in a Discourse forum, this is restricted to moderators/admins. It is not something the user can do.

###Requesting Changes

Flagging doesn’t seem to be a very good way to deal with anything other than problem posts, since, per the Discourse Co-Founder, the post is immediately hidden when flagged. If you want some structural changes to your topic/post, then I suppose the best course is to PM any of these:

###What Happens When You Flag a Post?

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Is that still the case?
Flagging hides the post immediately?

Reason for asking:
I just used flag to suggested splitting a topic, before I discovered this advice.
But I still see the post I flagged (my own post).

If flagging really does hide, then, in future – okay – for non-problem posts, will notify a mod.

Else, if flagging does not hide, then flagging is easiest for ordinary users, because we don’t need to search for whom to notify or send private messages.

Apparently not. I just tested this by logging out, and I too could still see your post. Either I was wrong when I posted the above, or the forum software has changed.

Sounds fine to me.

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I don’t think flagging hides the post immediately. It might do if you select Spam or one of the others, but I don’t believe it does in all cases - which is good, because you should be able to flag a post just to communicate with either the author or the admin, and your use case is a good example.