Making my PC keyboard behave properly in native macOS and remote Amazon WorkSpaces PC

I am hoping Keyboard Maestro can help me out with a surprisingly difficult task. I want this keyboard:

to hit the right keys both on my local Mac as well as a remote PC that I need to login to on an app called Amazon Workspaces (basically a turnkey cloud-based PC rental and VNC login system that lets me use a remote Windows install).

So, on my Mac, I had already done this:

This fixes the Mac's interpretation of the PC keyboard so that the keys labeled "Alt" correctly are interpreted as the command key, and the windows key is correctly interpreted as the option key. But when I'm using Amazon Workspaces, things still don't line up correctly. So I did this:

But it doesn't seem to be working. I am brand new to Keyboard Maestro. Am I missing something?

This is not a task that Keyboard Maestro is suited to.

Use a low level tool like Karabiner to remap keys.