Making option-arrow navigation behave properly in Numbers (instead of making a new column/row)

I’m looking for a way to use KM to reinstate standard cursor navigation in Numbers, but I don’t see any availabel “actions” for “Jump to…beginning of word”.

Here’s the context:
In Numbers, the standard shortcuts for navigating through macOS – using option-arrow – are all overridden by shortcuts for “Add Row (or Column) Above/Below/Before/After”. In no other programme that I’m aware of does this happen. The navigation shortcuts are so deep in my muscle memory that I’m constantly creating new columns when I merely want to move the cursor the beginning of the previous word. Oddly, the standard shortcuts for “extend a selection” (shift-option-arrow) DO work. I don’t understand why the default shortcuts aren’t something like command-option-arrow, which would immediately solve the problem.

I’d really like to see the iWork team change this. In the meantime, any ideas for a workaround using Keyboard Maestro? Or some way of deactivating the baked-in shortcuts?

From Numbers for Mac keyboard shortcuts -- Apple Support:

Move to the beginning of the current or previous word
Option-Left Arrow or Control-Option-B

Move to the end of the current or next word
Option-Right Arrow or Control-Option-F

If the Option Arrow keystrokes are not working as you like, you might try the "Control-Option" keystrokes. If those work, you should be able to remap the Option Arrow keystrokes using a KM Macro with that as a trigger.

Note: I don't have Apple Numbers, so I cannot test this.

Thanks for the suggestion, but the problem is that I don’t want to unlearn (and probably couldn’t!) the habit of using option-arrow to navigate. It’s the same everywhere else, after all! My problem is how to override the Numbers settings. Usually, with KM, you can introduce a new hot key, which displaces the application’s default shortcuts. But I can’t find any KM actions with which to make a navigational short cut (Jump to…) that could serve as an overriding hot key.

Have you tried this:

  • Create a KM Macro, triggered by ⌥← (thats OPTION-LEFTARROW)
  • Put it in a Macro Group that requires Numbers to be active
  • Use the KM Action "Type a Keystroke"

AFAIK, KM Hot Keys will always override app shortcut keys.

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Great! I'm glad that worked for you.

Perhaps you'd like to upload the set of macros so other Numbers users can also benefit.
If so, you can just select all of the macros, and File > Export Macros. Then drag/drop that file to your forum post.

@autonomygaps, thanks for posting the macro file for your solution.

I have moved your screenshot post and macro file post to a new Topic in the "macro" Category, so others can find more easily.