Manage Your Entire Life With One Mouse-Click

I set out to create a macro that would manage every aspect of my life - from my finances to fulfilling my dreams to preparing for death (and I haven't even mentioned the important stuff :):grinning:

I created many dozens of categories reflecting parts of my life, and macro groups reflecting each category. I implemented a numbering system composed of a letter, then a space and then a two digit number to arrange and prioritize the macro groups. Within each group I had gads of macros. Every group had an additional title (an empty macro) along with a double digit numbering system next to each macro in the group, to prioritize and arrange.

I used the Global Macro Group as as my master control palette: One-click-and-I-can execute any life task. I had three manager macro groups that automatically re-arranged the numbering system in (a) the groups, (b) the macros within each group and (c) the macros in the manager itself.

When my computer booted, every icon on my desktop and all apps disappeared. A single six column palette displayed across my monitor prioritized by group titles reflecting every aspect of my life. The macros within each category were also prioritized, with the important ones at the top of the list. I merely had to click one, to execute.

I'm abandoning the project but wanted to share an image of what it looks like - or what it looks like now that it's almost entirely dismantled - in case it inspires anyone else. The idea had potential but I'm opting for a different approach.

The image below reflects the last vestiges (I deleted more than half of it: The group titles and number system are gone). Especially since the macro is half-dismantled, I can't upload it.

To the moderators, I'm only posting this in case it provides inspiration for anyone else. Please feel free to delete this post, any time, at your discretion. Thx...