Managing Global Hot Keys from Other Apps

So like many of you, I try to manage as many of my hot keys within Keyboard maestro for many reasons but occasionally it makes more sense to use another application's global hot key. Just wanted to share how i’ve been handling these cases so I can still search KM and see global hot keys that are used.

Bartender 4 has introduced built-in hotkeys which have been great since for some macros that involved clicking menu bar items using Applescript with delays and other issues, some workflows in Alfred work better with a built-in hot key rater than a KM macro.

But I still like to keep every global hotkey I use in keyboard maestro so when I am searching for a hotkey combo I can see if it is being used. So to include GLOBAL hotkeys I am using in other apps I have created a Keyboard Maestro Group where I create each action.

I create a macro for the action

Add a “Type Keystroke” action for the Hot key used.

Add a Note That says “External Trigger”

Add a Note that Says “Triggered in Bartender” (Or Alfred or wherever)