Manipulate a Window Right, 33% and 66%?

Is it possible to resize a window to the right 33% using the built-in Manipulate a Window?

As you can see here:

I can easily change the width to 33% in the default Left Column Manipulate a Window option and the window moves to the left at 33%, but when I try to do the same thing with the default Right Column option the windows is not all the way to the right. I know this is because of the SCREEN(Main,MidX) variable, but when I change it to SCREEN(Main,Right) it results in the window being all the way to the right off screen.

I assume this is because of the way the OS handles window position. Is there some variable I can use to get the same results as a Left Column 33% Window on the Right side of the screen? I'm also trying to accomplish the same for a Right Column 66% and having the same issue.

This is part of the upgrade notes for KM 6
Added Main,Second,Third,Internal,External as special screen indexes for SCREEN().
Added . notation for accessing point/rectangle coordinates (eg Screen1.width). <<where do you use this?

Added Context Sensitive Calculation Functions:
IMAGE(Width|Height) – the action image size.
SOURCEIMAGE(Width|Height) – the action source image size.
WINDOW(Left|Right|Top|Bottom|Width|Height|MidX|MidY) – the action window coordinates.
LENGTH() – the action text length.
FONTSIZE() – the original font size during the Apply Style action.
Added an optional percentage offset to the coordinate functions, eg SCREEN(External,Left,52%)

I think the β€œp” indicates a % value, but when I tested I could not get the width smaller than 50% so
I think this is one for Peter?

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which, for comparison, exactly equals either:

SCREEN(Main,Left) + SCREEN(Main,Width)*66%


SCREEN(Main,Right) - SCREEN(Main,Width)*34%

Thanks. I was on the right track and this is certainly much better, but it's still not quite to the edge of the screen.

Does this have to do with the size of the monitor I am using?

No, it has to do with 33+33+33 = 99, not 100%.

You can use 33.3333% in all places, or use a width of 34%

SCREEN(Main,Width) * 34%
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Using this tool, should I do away with other programs like BetterSnaptool which I use to manage sizes of windows?

What tool you use for the job is entirely up to you. Keyboard Maestro can do a lot of things. Sometimes a specialised tool can do a better job, sometimes its easier to just use Keyboard Maestro for everything. It depends entirely on you and your needs and desires as to what is better.

Thanks for your help @peternlewis.

This is actually what I am trying to do; Get rid of other apps that I can use Keyboard Maestro for. At first, I thought about getting rid of Keyboard Maestro, but then I realized that it actually provides so many other functions for me that other apps can’t. I had been so accustomed to using keyboard shortcuts for things that I forgot it was KM that was doing those things for me. Since manipulating windows size/location was something I was using keyboard shortcuts for with another app, it seemed only logical to migrate that over to KM.

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Or you could use 1/3 and 2/3, which does equal 100% :wink: