Manipulate/Move a Window that has no associated application?

I tried searching the forums and couldn't find an answer, but maybe I just don't know the right keywords.

There are some windows that have no associated application, so Keyboard Maestro sees the last frontmost application as the current frontmost application. For example, the About This Mac window opens in front of other windows—though it isn't always on top—so if it gets buried you can't ⌘+Tab to it because there's no (visible) application running it. Similiarly, Keyboard Maestro can't do anything with it (as far as I've been able to figure out) because there is no application associated with the window.

Is there any way to control windows like these with Keyboard Maestro?

It depends what you mean by "control." If the window is visible, the Find Image action can spot it, and then you can move it using Mouse actions. Even if the window isn't visible, you can at least detect its presence by using an Execute Shell Script action using the command "ps -ax" which will tell you whether an app (including "About This Mac") is running. If it's running, I see this in the result of "ps -ax":

/System/Applications/Utilities/System Information

And that's not all, there are command lines that can force these "background apps" to the foreground, like this:

open -a "System"

This isn't a full answer to your question, it's just a lead. Yes, there are "ways to control" such apps, but they aren't convenient or simple. Ultimately, KM limits itself to whatever is publicly available. If you want to get into the weeds, you can do things that KM cannot do by itself.

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Thanks very much. This information (along with the record function that I always forget exists) was enough for me to resolve my current niggling issue:


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