Manipulate windows by their names


…I'm looking for a way to automate the position of software dialog boxes (here, Affinity Photo).

In this software, we apply adjustments to layers through small dialog boxes, such as “Levels”, “Curves” or even “TSI”. There are many possible settings.

I already have a solution with a macro for each window name. But I would like to be able to manage everything more easily with a simple and unique list of dialog box names to which I would apply the position macro.

Below, two screenshots of my research... but it doesn't work, despite my investigations!...

Could you enlighten me?…

Thank you… :wink:

What happens when you change the window with title to windows with title matching?


That's exactly the problem: "The window with title" is looking for a window named "Courbes|Niveaux|TSI," because it doesn't understand regular expressions. Use the matching option, and it will interpret the regular expression.


Many thanks @griffman for this solution: I would never have thought of this subtlety (“Use the matching option, and it will interpret the regular expression”).

The same holds true when using variables in If or Case statements: The "matches" option allows use of regex; anything else, and the regex will be interpreted as part of whatever you've typed.

The help page for each action (available in the Gear menu) usually explains all the options well. The Move action's help, for instance, has this:

I spend a lot of time in Help :).


Hence why I suggested it. :slight_smile:

Perfect!…Thank you again!… :wink: