Manipulating OTHER apps' palettes?

Hi friends—

I feel like I'm missing something completely obvious and will feel like a right idiot when someone points me to it, BUT—is there a way for KM to recognize (ideally by name) and manipulate (move, resize) a floating window or palette that belongs to another application?

(E.g., when the "Playback Controls" palette opens in Finale, I'd like it to be dragged to the top left of my secondary monitor, but I'm not having any luck getting a macro to fire when that palette appears.)

Searching for "Palettes" and "Floating Windows" in the forums, predictably, leads me to tons about KM's own Palette functions....

Thanks in advance for any wisdom you can offer!


If the normal way does not work and the window has a name, you can try to find the name using image recognition.

For example, this is such a floating window that KM does not recognize


To activate it with den Keyboard, I search for this section


Maybe this is not the best solution, but it works.

Generally speaking, palettes in an app aren't visible to outside apps unless the developer took the effort to add required window information to make them visible. If you can't see the palette using a window manipulation app like Magnet or our own Moom, chances are that Keyboard Maestro can't see them either.

In those cases, you'd have to use the image method, as suggested by @Frankb.


Makes total sense. Thanks so much, @Frankb and @griffman!

There are times that AppleScript can detect application windows that Keyboard Maestro cannot. What application are you looking to work with?

The application is Finale. I'm working on a solution using image recognition right now, which seems promising..... :crossed_fingers:t2: