Manually setting an order for macros in a folder?

I don't think this is possible, but worth asking in case ...

I have a folder in which I have a series of 10 commands that I have shown in a palette. The order they appear in is based on their name. I'd like to set them in a specific order but that is not possible, as far as I can tell. I could add a number to the beginning to force an order, but would prefer not to do that if possible. Is there are way to achieve what I'm after?

Howdy! It is definitely possible... but the only way I know how is to use a prepended number. However, that number is not shown in a palette if it is followed by a parenthesis. For instance, in the first screenshot below, you can see my macros and how they are all prepended with a number followed by a parenthesis to force them into a specific order. But in the second screenshot you can see the palette, and how it excludes those numbers.

Screenshot: Macro group (click to expand/collapse)

Screenshot: Palette (click to expand/collapse)

Better yet, there is an amazing macro that @DanThomas built to sort them automatically: Palette Organizer

Check it out, I think you'll like it!



That palette organizer looks to be JUST what I am after. I had also wanted separators, so this is going to be ideal.


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Great, glad it looks like it'll work for you!

So, I tried the parenthesis thing & it didn't work. Does it not work because it's a conflict palette or is this supposed to work in all palettes?

Yes it works in all Palettes including Conflict. It has to be a two digit number followed by ) and no gaps.

01)Name of first Macro
02)Another Macro

It can include

00)A Macro

to put any Macro at the very top.

You can use the same number more than once in which case those numbered Macros will be grouped together in the Palette alphabetically.

04)A Macro
04)Some other Macro