Mapping a key TO the Caps-Lock key

Is there a way of mapping the Z key to Caps-Lock and the X key to Ctrl? The reason for this seemingly bizarre request is to enable me to play the old BBC Micro game Thrust on the B2 emulator. The rotate left and right keys use the Caps-Lock and the Ctrl key respectively. This may have been an ergonomic delight on the BBC B, but is not so easy on the Mac :wink:

I've tried using the standard KM editor but the Caps-Lock key seems to be treated as a mere modifier rather that a fully fledged key. A quick search of this form reveals mentions of AppleScript. Could this be the answer?

If you have an external USB keyboard, the USB Device Key trigger might do what you need.

The free software application Karabiner-Elements will let you remap keys at a lower level and is worth looking into if you are willing to invest the time.

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