Mapping a Keyboard Maestro Macro to a Logitech Mouse Button?

Sorry for what is almost certainly a totally ignorant query, but here goes:

I have a Logitech mouse (Signature M650 L LeftHanded).

Using Logi I can map two keystrokes to the two buttons on the mouse. I chose the Delete key and Command-A.

But what I would ideally like to do is to map these two mouse buttons to two specific macros in KM (v 10.2) running in OS 13.4.

I'm sure I'm missing something totally basic, but how do I do this?

Many thanks!

You can see if Keyboard Maestro can detect the button presses with the USB Device Key trigger. If so, you're all set.

If not, then you can either:

  • Uninstall (completely!) the Logitech software, so that there is no driver for the mouse, and then Keyboard Maestro might be able to detect the buttons, or
  • Configure the buttons to keys you will never accidentally press (like Control-Command-Shift-P and L), and then use those as keys for your Hot Key triggered macro.

Thank you very much! Your option #2 worked like a charm :blush:

I had tried this before without success, but I think I had used "Insert Text by Pasting or Typing" rather than via “Type a Keystroke”. The latter worked flawlessly. I am new to KM and computers so am likely making many dumb mistakes.

Again, I greatly appreciate this program and your patient help!