Mapping for Novation Launchpad (Led feedback via MIDI)

Dear KM community,

I've recently started KM to remap a MIDI controller into a macro launcher (mostly for shortcuts).
I have no problem mapping the MIDI controller pads to the macros inside KM, but I can't get KM to send MIDI feedback to the controller.
I have tried to send MIDI notes on, CCs and hex raw packets (following the Programmer's References provided by Novation : [](http://available here in PDF)). The Launchpad doesn't seem to react.

I know that the Launchpad is able to receive MIDI packets to turn on its led (I manage to turn them on via

Thanks in advance for any tip or lead.


Have you already tried these? I'm in a little over my head here:

Yes, that's exactly what I've tried to do. I calculated velocity applying the formula given by Novation, but it doesn't seem to reach the Launchpad at all.


As far as I understand the Programmers References, these settings are meant to light the bottom left pad (112) green full (60)

I've never tested these MIDI actions so I'm in over my head. But I did make the effort to read the manual to see what I could see.

I don't think I can solve your problem. But I did try.

The only thing I would suggest is to eliminate the chance of misinterpreting those binary codes by using something simpler, like the reset code (B0 00 00) or the turn all lights on code (B0 00 7F).

The only thing that makes me wonder is that on your trigger, which you say works, I see "from LaunchPad" but in the actions I see nothing equivalent to that. All I can say is that something doesn't feel right about the asymmetry there.

But this is all I have for you. We need someone smarter to chime in. I tried, I failed.

Thanks for the input, I am not even sure that KM is able to send the MIDI CCs to the Launchpad.

You're absolutely right, the asymmetry is rather odd. However, it does not seem that KM has any MIDI port sorting options in its Preferences.

So, I've figured something out by browsing the midi related posts on the forum that I could run a few tests.

This is what happens when a run the macro supposed to give me led feedback on press :

Launchpad sends a Note On
KM Sends Note On
Launchpad sends Note Off

Then I figured I could test the legs via "Audio MIDI Setup". They sort of light up randomly, but it allowed me to check what was happening MIDI-wise. Interestingly, the console now shows data arriving "To Launchpad".

I ran the same test with, same results.

My conclusion is : KM and Launchpad are not connected with one another in "Audio MIDI Setup". I haven't managed to have KM appear as a MIDI Device in the MIDI Setup (that'd be perfect, since I could then establish a connection).

Still investigating, will eventually get to the bottom of this.

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I own a MIDI synthesizer (and a MIDI keyboard) and for my own recreational reasons I'm thinking of plugging it in to my Mac and trying to control it with KM. So I hope you get this working. Perhaps you will beat me to getting it working. But we share the same goal, more or less.

Hope four years ago you got this sorted out and didn't give up. I have an extended post about this, look up "Novation Launchpad Mini MK3 - an Affordable Means to a Stream Deck on Steroids" and I'm interested to discuss these matters.

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