Marking a post private?

I replaced a post yesterday with the text [deleted by author], and the page duly got removed by a moderator. When I attempt to go the page I get a message that “That page doesn’t exist or is private.” That is intriguing: how do you make a page private?

That message is just the standard forum software message for “page not found”. AFAIK, you can’t make a page “private”.

The only thing I can think that means private messages. I don’t think you can turn a public topic into a private one.

I suspect “yesterday” is the clue to this riddle.

Posts deleted are removed automatically 24 hours later, yes?

If you, @MitchellModel, deleted the post, it is not immediately removed – only after 24 hours.

Also, there are two private or limited-access categories on this forum.

  • Testing
  • The Lounge

Perhaps the word “private” in the message is to cover that possibility.
A guess; I don’t know.

So, enough suspense!
What was your original post?

I was‘t aware that there is a way to delete a post. Someone deleted it for me after seeing my “[deleted by author]” text.