MATLAB crashing when something is copied

I just discovered that the combination of Big Sur and Keyboard Maestro causes MATLAB to crash if you copy text in their editor. The problem is fully reproducible, there is at least one other app, Paste, that causes the same problem, and I tried disabling every macro in Keyboard Maestro to see if one was causing the problem and it still persists. I really like Keyboard Maestro, but it's a pain to have to remember to turn it off every time I want to use MATLAB. Any chance of fixing this bug?

The crash needs to be fixed in MATLAB, or perhaps some clipboard flavor can be excluded from Keyboard Maestro’s clipboard history to resolve it. Or you can turn off the clipboard history.

To find the flavor causing the problem, in Keyboard Maestro’s status menu, hold the option and shift key down and select Start Debugging, that will enable a clipboard debugging mode.

A debugging window will appear.

Then copy something in the problem application (so that it crashes).

All the flavors that were copied will be listed, with all the normal ones unchecked and all the non-standard ones checked. The checked ones are ignored. So now try again, and Copy should work safely in the target application.

Turn off each non-standard one in turn, check whether Copy works. If it crashes, turn it back on, if it does not, leave it off.

Let me know the minimum flavors that need to be left checked to avoid the problem.

You should also report this to the MATLAB folks, as their code should not crash when the clipboard contents is read.

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I moved this to a new topic, since it is not related to Big Sur (or at least not to Big Sur & Keyboard Maestro compatibility anyway, the MATLAB crash might be specific to Big Sur).