Maybe someone would like the powerpoint slides to control the OBS scenes? One possible solution

I was always annoyed that when recording video for online courses - with multiple cameras - I spent almost twice the time editing the video.

I was looking for PowerPoint or Keynote to control the scenes (front camera, left camera, right camera, top camera, back camera, screen recording, presentations) in OBS.

By chance I came across the ingenious program by Scott Henselman and compiled it for a Windows computer. The output of the video image was then via HDMI from the Windows to the Mac computer.

The basic idea was that I wanted to draw on the tablet and these drawings simply allow a higher attention.

But I wanted to get away from Windows. The question was how to do it on the Mac.

I use the following scenario:

  1. sidecar. The image from the Mac, in this case PowerPoint, is output via Sidecar on the tablet, which works great with the performance, with a connected cable. With Powerpoint I can then draw on the iPad with the pen. Great.
  2. OBS has an automatic extended scene switcher, which can even read content from files. I use it to read a file every 300 ms that Keyboard Maestro writes.
  3. an Apple script to switch to the next slide.
  4. an Apple script that reads the notes in the PPT and based on the note e.g. OBS:Scene1 writes the appropriate scene into the file that OBS reads.
    The Script for the previous slide is identical, uses previous instead of next slide.

I use Touchportal or the small Streamdeck to switch to the next slide, only a Keyboard Maestro script has to be called. Since I set up the iPad at an angle for drawing, the small streamdeck cannot be seen via the front camera.

Here is a small video and the script, please keep in mind, I am not a programmer and C I had at university 30 years ago....