MD to pandoc to pptx - works fine! but with pictures the KM script doesnt work - in Mac shell works

Hi All,

i love KM and it saves me al lot of Time.
I run a shell script to make from MD Files PPTX over pandoc, works fine.

Now i put in the MD File weblinks, pandoc can do that, i testet on the command line, works fine, but if i execute it over KM the script does not work.

I played a little bit with timeouts but i was not able to make the pptx.

What can i do? I am an beginner and not so much an expert.
Thanks for Help

the script works fine without pictures, download the pictures takes 10-20 sec in the Mac Shell. It works in an Apple Shortcut fine but not in KM Shell

"/usr/local/bin/pandoc --reference-doc=/Users/holgergelhausen/Dropbox/Apps/logseq/assets/panda/ReferenceHolger.pptx -o /Users/holgergelhausen/Dropbox/Apps/logseq/assets/pptx/"$KMVAR_pptxDateiName".pptx /Users/holgergelhausen/Dropbox/Apps/logseq/assets/pptx/"$KMVAR_pptxDateiName".md

The "quoting" in your code is off.

Try this:

/usr/local/bin/pandoc \
--reference-doc="$HOME/Dropbox/Apps/logseq/assets/panda/ReferenceHolger.pptx" \
-o "$HOME/Dropbox/Apps/logseq/assets/pptx/$KMVAR_pptxDateiName.pptx" \

Thanks for Help tjluoma

my script works - without the background image in Headline 1,
with the background image it doesnt work. In Apple Shell and Apple Shortcuts the scripts with the background image works fine.

i try your tip, but doesnt work. I will have a closer look in the office.
Thanks for an idea.