Media keys?

is there a way to assign shortcuts to what would normally be the media keys on a modern apple keyboard? I use a retrofitted old apple 0330 keyboard and it has a full key set minus the extra volume, next, back, mute, etc keys you get on newer keyboards.

I found volume up/down but the system-wide track next/prev just launches iTunes, and there’s no mute toggle.


Find out what the code for the key is, and use that.

Google should get you the codes you need. KM can send keyboard codes.

See the Simulate Hardware Key action.

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thanks @peternlewis! that’s exactly what I was trying to find. I saw you can do keys but it only listed F1-F12 which is useless without a Function key.

perfect! I can now do prev/next track, play/pause, volume up/down and mute from my 1985 keyboard :smile:

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