Media & Styles import in ScreenFlow 8 with Yoink

Since this week there is ScreenFlow version 8 with a new feature "Styles".
With this you can create presets for used media content etc.

Since I want to search a long time and save mouse clicks, I created a macro with which I can insert media content from a Finder folder (better sync with another Mac/ScreenFlow 8) into the timeline in seconds and then apply my "Styles Template".
I haven't found a way to copy and paste media from the Finder into the ScreenFlow 8 timeline, I use the Yoink for Mac clipboard app.

In this Twitter post you can see an example...

That's the macro to it:


Trackpad 3_li_re.kmmacros (34,1 KB)

For a better understanding of which settings have to be made for the macro, I have made a short video tutorial here:


Simple drag/drop from Finder to SF8 timeline works perfectly for me. So I don't see any need for Yoink.

It's not just working with the app yoink @JMichaelTX :thinking:
That's why I showed in my Twitter post before and after. Just take a look at the time saving :wink:

With my macro I don't have to wait long after the

  • search media in the Finder,
  • save me drag & drop over the desktop
  • doesn't have to remember the shortcuts for the "Styles Presets

As written in the article, I would have liked to copy & paste the media into the timeline, but SF 8 does not allow this. Hence the use of the Yoink App.
With this it would also be possible to collect several media and then position them in the right place in the timeline :wink:

If it is working for you, then that's great. Sorry, but I still don't see the advantage.
From the SF8 Add Media dialog, I can use a Spotlight search to find my media, and then multi-select to enter into SF.

But I'm probably missing something from your workflow since I couldn't really understand your videos.

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Thanks for sharing, and I am trying to understand, but I cannot due to poor video quality.

Could you please post a video to YouTube with:

  1. HD resolution
  2. Narration (you could use the SF8 text-to-voice if you prefer)

Just so you know, I find it much, much easier to follow a video with narration than without.