Menu bar information display. can't find neither information in the wiki nor actions, and how to display KM menu bar

1- I came across the ScreenShot below in "new in version 10", but I'm unable to find any information or action on the subject.

2- is it possible to create an action to display the KBM menu bar menu below, to avoid having to click on the KM icon in the menu bar ?

thank you.

You configure the macro group to show in the menu bar.



You can also display the Macro Group in the menu bar. You can select which icon to display and what title text to show in the macro bar, both of which can be dynamically updated allowing you to show information like stock prices, word counts, reminders, time, etc. For example, you could have an icon and time that showed how long you had been working without a break. The menu can include all the macros in the group, or just those macros with the Group Status Menu trigger.

You can use the Show Status Menu action.

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