Menu bar item with Bartender 5

I have just upgraded to OS 14.0. I have quite a few Menu Bar Items and the black notch in the top middle of the screen was hiding some of these. To get around this I started using Bartender 5 to make all the Menu bar items accessible. I can't figure out how to make a macro that activates the Bartender Menu Item (3 dots) in order to then activate a Menu Bar Item that then becomes accessible. Perhaps it is possible to activate the desired Menu Bar Item directly, but I can’t find how to do that either. Any ideas?

Bartender has an AppleScript interface, so you could do various things with Bartender from a Keyboard Maestro Execute AppleScript action.

To browse the interface:

Script Editor > File > Open Dictionary... > [choose Bartender]

One starting point might be:

tell application "Bartender 5"
    toggle bartender
end tell
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Bartender also has its own hotkey system. Have a look in the preferences.

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Great. Thank you. I should have thought of it myself.