Menu by position number?

Honestly I am wondering, why this simple action is not part of keyboard maestro. I been using Quickeys in the 90s and later for many years, and menu selection by position was possible.

Main advantage: Working in apps like Pixelmator, Affinity ...... you can use one keyboard maestro short cut for (example) show or hide info bar.

But without the possibility of using number position you have to create two seperate short cuts, with different trigger keys. And everyone knows ...... who is working with many shortcuts ........ it is better keeping the trigger key number low!

So please make this possible!

Hi there, you can use one macro with one trigger to toggle menu items rather easily using an If/Then/Else action.

Simply use an if/then/else action where the if condition is a menu item with this name exists, and in the execute actions area use select menu item and choose that menu item you want to toggle.

Then, in the otherwise section, use a select menu item with the *other *name of the menu item you want to toggle. I have included an example macro and screenshot for you to see.

One final note is that some menu items exist but are not enabled (grayed out), and some are marked or unmarked when they are selected. This will determine what you choose as your "if" condition. Since each app is a little different so you have to tailor this kind of macro to each app, but it's very easy to do so.

Let us know if this works for you!

Pixelmator toggle menu item (for export).kmmacros (3.1 KB)

Hi, in the moment I did it with BTT which is offering position numbers, but I like staying with KM only, so will try your way later, ......... I am doing a lot with KM but I am not so deep in this app, so this If/Then/Else action I never did before. Thanks for your info, it´s always nice learning new things! Here is a beer for ya: :beer::beer::beer: (ok, it´s three)

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Worked like a charm ....... perfect! Very easy and also logical! (if you know how ........ )


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Great! So glad it worked for you, and thanks for the beers! :laughing: