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The Keyboard Maestro 9 User Manual, page 63, under “Remap Command Keys,” says:

“Similarly, if you use a function in an application frequently, but it has a convoluted command key or no command key at all, define your own command key by using a Hot Key to select the menu item.”

I have looked in vain in the Manual and in the Keyboard Maestro Editor for a way to make a macro “select [a] menu item.” How can that be done?

This should help you.


as in:

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Thank you. What I really needed to know was that it's the "Interface Control" category, "Select or Show a Menu Item" action. (I eventually came across it there after doing more looking.) The Keyboard Maestro Wiki doesn't mention in what category to look for it.

I mainly use search:

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Actions are in multiple categories - what category were you looking for the Select a Menu action in?

Also, you can add actions by name with Edit ➤ Insert Action ➤ By Name (Command-Control-A) which has an extensive search, and really is better than the traditional action selector.

If I understand your question correctly, the answer is: In whatever category would enable me to select and simulate a click on a particular menu item. In this case it was a menu item in Microsoft Word. Normally I use (or create) keyboard combinations in Word for the things I need to do often, and—if such a keyboard combination is inconvenient to use directly—I create a macro that will simulate pressing it. But Word wasn't cooperating this time, so I needed to make a macro that would directly simulate selecting and clicking an item in one of its menus. The "Interface Control" category, Select or Show a Menu Item action was the one I needed; I just couldn't find anything in the Keyboard Maestro manual, or by browsing the KM Editor's categories and actions, that looked like what I needed. I THINK I understand what you wrote below about the Editor's search function, and will try using it the next time I have a problem like that. Thanks.

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No problem. Don’t forget you can use the Help menu in Keyboard Maestro, and search for something like “select menu” and it will show you the actions available as well as appropriate manual topics.