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I'm running 11.6.1 on an iMac with KM 10.1 (also applies to previous versions). I use a PC version of Quicken 2019 running inside Crossover. I have a simple macro, trigged by F2, to hide Quicken and I'm using Select Menu item (Quicken app -> Quicken -> Hide Quicken.

The macro works but I get the popup as described in the manual: The Select Menu Item action includes a Menu popup menu so that you can choose from all currently running applications and their menus, which helps ensure you have correctly specified the menu.

Quicken is the only app in the popup. Can the popup be eliminated and just select the "Hide Quicken"? Thanks.

Howdy, welcome to the forum! As you might have already figured out, this is a great community full of people who love to help.

This one is fairly simple fortunately. Try using the Hide a Specific Application action. From the dropdown menu in that action, select Quicken.

Below is a macro you can import that has the action already embedded in it. Just change Finder to Quicken and try it out. I don't have Quicken on my system so I wasn't able to select it in the action.



HI! Thanks for the quick reply. I imported your macro and changed the name to Quicken. It opens Quicken's Help menu instead of hiding Quicken. I then created a whole new macro using the Hide specific app action and limiting it to a Quicken group. That just gives me the popup menu I'm trying to avoid. I wonder, since Quicken is running "inside" Crossover, if that's making things funky. Anyway, thanks for your suggestion and I'll keep playing with it.

Oh man my apologies. I somehow missed the part about it running inside of Crossover!

I’m not familiar with Crossover unfortunately, but I imagine some other folks here are and may chime in shortly. In the meantime I’ll see what I can read about it to see if I can come up with another idea.

Thank you. No apologies needed. Seems like my problems always have some little complication to them. Thanks very much for trying.

I do t use Crossover, but I do use Parallels. What happens if you press ⌘H (Hide) in Quicken while running in Crossover?

Hey Jim,

What you describe makes no sense to me.

Please post your actual macro.

How to Post Your Macro to the Forum

Please also post a screenshot of the pop-up menu that's a problem.


The standard macOS keyboard shortcut for Hide the Current App is Cmd-H.

Does that work?


Ok, here is the macro, image of the macro, and a screenshot of the popup I'm trying to avoid. My macro does work, I just have to click the "Hide Quicken" in the popup to actually hide it. Command-H doesn't work because there is no keyboard shortcut for Hide Quicken in the menu. I've been to Sys Prefs to see if I could add the shortcut there, but Sys Prefs doesn't "see" Quicken, I presume because it's running inside of Crossover. Thanks for the help.

Hide Quicken Macro image
Hide Quicken F2.kmmacros (2.3 KB)

This may be a stupid suggestion (as I don’t have Quicken) but by the looks of the popup you may be able to choose one of the options by pressing ‘F’ or ‘Q’ since they’re kind of highlighted. Have you tried that? If it works you could then add the KM action to simulate the keystroke after your select menu action.

That's a great suggestion. Indeed, it happens to work manually, so that when I type "Q" it does hide Quiden. Thanks. However, and I can't understand why, adding a "simulate keystroke Q" does not work! I stuck a 2 sec pause in between and still no joy. Sure seems like it should work. Anyway, thanks for the suggestion.

That’s disappointing. I bet it’s to do with Crossover “interfering” somehow.

How come you’re running Quicken in Crossover - isn’t it available for Mac as well?

Yep, there's a Quicken Mac, but until recently it hasn't been up to par with the PC version and there are reports in the PC version my wife uses. I understand the latest Mac version is much improved and I'd like to try it; now I just have to convince my wife and be prepared to revert to the PC version.

Thanks again for your suggestion.

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This thing?


This appears to be the Keyboard Maestro Conflict Palette.

It would seem you have two macros running in the same context that use the same HotKey Trigger.


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Well spotted, @ccstone !

You're right. That explains it. I'd never seen the conflict palette before and thought it was something to do with menu select action because the manual says "The Select Menu Item action includes a Menu popup menu so that you can choose from all currently running applications and their menus, which helps ensure you have correctly specified the menu.". I thought it was that popup that I was seeing.

In fact, I am using F2 as the trigger and F2 is also a trigger in my global macros. I knew I'd reused a trigger before (I use F7 in a Safari group and a Finder group). But I guess that only works with app specific groups. When I tried using a global and an app specific macro with the same trigger, I started getting the conflict palette.

So, when I change the trigger, the Quicken macro works just fine. Thanks for setting me straight and identifying the palette.

Hey Jim,

The first image on the help page for the Select or Show a Menu Item action demonstrates the mentioned pop-up menu.

Some of these features are hard to imagine if you haven't seen them before.


Good to know. Thank you!

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