Merging Multiple Clipboard Images

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In version 9.0 of Keyboard Maestro, I like the ability to combine multiple images from the Clipboard Switcher into one large image. Unfortunately, it seems it's a series of images in the form of "text" and not a "real" large image that can be pasted into a graphic software such as Photoshop. Nor can we save this new clipboard as an image with the "Write Clipboard to File" action. Is there a way to save multiple images from the Clipboard Switcher into one single image? Any recommendation? TIA

I've never used the clipboard switcher, but that sounds like a great feature. So I tried it out... I was not able to find any "combine images" function. For my benefit, can you tell me how you try to "combine" images?

If multiple images are selected, Command-C merges them into a single larger image (horizontally or vertically, depending on the separator).

I see. I had to find the page that explains that:

Pasting images together didn't work for me at all. I think I know why. It only copied exactly one quarter of one of my images. That's the usual symptom when KM forgets that I have a 5K monitor. I'm usually wrong when I suspect a bug, but this time I'm going to go out on a limb and call it a bug.

If you have multiple images selected, and you Copy, then the result you get will be rich text (unless you hold the control and shift key down to force Image mode, but you can't actually do that while pressing only ⌘C). I will probably look at how I can adjust this behaviour.

However if you Paste, with multiple images selected, it will paste the combined image.

Peter, Command-Control-Shift-C does not work for me.

Yes, as I said, you cannot hold down Control-Shift while only pressing Command-C.

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