Microsoft Word VBA Resources

###Microsoft Word VBA Resources

If you are trying to automate MIcrosoft Word, here is a great site:
####Microsoft Word VBA Macros by MVPs (Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals)

It can help both the beginner and the experienced user.
Note that it even has a section just for Word Mac. However, I have found that, generally, most Word Windows VBA macros work well with MS Word 2011 Mac, with little or no changes.

Keyboard Maestro is a great tool to leverage other automation tools, like AppleScript, JXA, and Microsoft VBA.

Yes, MS Office 2011 does support AppleScript, so that is yet another option. If you are very strong in AppleScript, then that may be the best route for you. However, I have found that Office VBA is easier and more powerful than AppleScript when dealing mainly with Office apps.

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