Midi and music notation

Hello, i am new with KM …
i use a music writing soft (dorico and sibelius too) and i just want to use a 2nd midi keyboard for using it for keystroke but when i use this midi keyboard it is working but it sending it same time the midi note i press, so i don(t want to see this note in my score when i am writing.
for exemple i press note n° 48 for choose the 4beat note but i don’t want to have the c2 (N°48) written in the score. How can i use just the stoke without the midi note transmission please ?

You mean you want to trigger the macro in Keyboard Maestro but not record the note in your music writing software? I’m not sure you can do that. You’d have to either tell your music writing software to ignore the device, or maybe somehow direct the device only to Keyboard Maestro Engine. Keyboard Maestro cannot stop the other devices from hearing the note.

my notation soft can’t filter incoming message.
i hoped KM can do this, receipt the message and encode without transmission of the incoming paramètre…
so, i will look for a alternative solution ,

Thank you,