Midi Condition - Modifier

Hi all. I'm mapping my midi controller to my video editing software (Avid Media Composer).
Everything is kinda of working.

What I'm trying to do is: Have KM receive a MIDI message, but if a modifier key is pressed (Shift function) then the original press will function differently.

I've added a "If then Else" command, but Midi isn't part of the condition in the drop down menu.
Any help would be great, i've been tinkering with this for ages.

Thanks Mike

I am not using Keyboard Maestro in a midi setup but with that said I only see 3 midi actions. The most useful for most cases would be the send midi control change. I think you probably want to start with that and designate one of the channels (I use channel 15 for control changes on my guitar rig) as a controller channel, (depending on what type of information is being controlled).

The best thing to do is:

  1. Describe the workflow you wish to accomplish and,
  2. Post your current macro along with,
  3. A screenshot of all the steps.

I will try my best to help in any way I can and I know there are better minds here who most definitely can help.

Looking forward to seeing what you have.


Are you talking about the main keyboard Shift key, or some sort of shift key on the MIDI device?

The former can be done with the modifiers condition.

The latter, no idea, probably not.

G’day Peter,

The modifier button is a midi button on the controller. Its can send of out any number of messages.

What i’m doing is:

Midi Button 1 = play
Midi Button 2 = (modifier)
When Button 2 is pressed, Button 1 sends out a different signal. i.e. Stop.

So really i need a macro that will change an incoming message from blah, to something else once my modifier button is in play.

Can it be done?

Cheers Michael

Keyboard Maestro cannot affect the MIDI messages.

It could send it’s own MIDI message, but it cannot change an existing one.

What controller are you using? What are you trying to do? If you can explain what the scenario is, what equipment you are using and what you are trying to accomplish it would help.

I am also curious why you wouldn’t just use a controller that has a start/stop or a start and a stop button? So many controllers out there that have dedicated buttons for this and many others that you can program to send what ever you could dream up.