MIDI Control Change for Blind Users

Hello Peter,

I have almost finished my project but am having some difficulty with macro groups.

(I had to create 15 macro groups, some macros have the same shortcut)

For the macro group A (mgA) example:

  • mgA, mgB, mgC… mgN, mgO.

I have observed differences between Enable/Disable and Activate/Deactivate.

My 15 macro groups are Enable.

When I turn certain macro groups Activate and Deactivate, everything is fine.

On the other hand, when I restart my Mac all the macros which were Deactivate are Activate again.

Can Keyboard Maestro retain Activate / Deactivate status?

Thank you in advance for your help,

I found the solution to my question with the command:

Set Macro or Group Enable


Is it possible to send a MIDI Program change with Keyboard Maestro? I am not sure how to do that.

Do I have to use Send MIDI Packet and write Send MIDI packet 11004 000A?

(4 for the channel, 00A is the first factory preset of the pedal)

I found this explanation on the web:

The MIDI message used to specify the instrument is called a "program change" message. It has one STATUS byte and one DATA byte:

  • Status byte : 1100CCCC
  • Data byte 1 : 0XXXXXXX

where CCCC is the MIDI channel (0 to 15) and XXXXXXX is the instrument number from 0 to 127.

Thanks again for your help.



Yes, for anything other than a note on or off, or a control change, you have to send a raw packet.

I don't know the packet format well enough to confirm what the packet is for a program change, but presumably it is documented.

Hello Peter,

Best wishes for the new year!

I was able to find how to send a Program change, I did not understand that it was necessary to convert to hexadecimal.

Many thanks for your help, this software is really fantastic!

I have a question regarding the Show Macro Group for One Action:

  • I followed the macros classification procedure 01)Test, 02)Test… 99)Test

the numbers disappear correctly.

  • On the other hand, my macro 100)Test remains identical:

the number 100) does not disappear.

Is this normal? Would it be possible to modify it in a future version?

I use this action to display a lot of factory presets.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,


Correct - the format for sorting characters is xx) where x’s are individual characters.

So you can have 00) to 99), and aa) to zz) and pretty much any other characters there.

But no, you cannot use xxx) as a sorting character.

Use A0)Z9) for further groups.