MIDI Packet Trigger, triggering too many times


I'm currently using this MIDI Packet trigger:

and it works BUT.

it only works properly when i'm playing single notes.

When i begin to play chords which could be from 2 - 10 notes at the same time it triggers the macro that amount of times, when i only want it to trigger Once.

So if i play a 3 note chord, the macro is triggered 3 times. not once.

i'm not sure how i can stop this

Try a Semaphore lock at the start with a 1/100th second timeout. This should prevent the macro running multiple times in quick succession.


You're absolutely right!

it has prevented the macro running many times.

even the speed you suggested seems to be just right.

Thanks a lot.

I appreciate it!

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The speed is important -- a Semaphore Lock doesn't stop a second (or third, or fourth...) instance of your macro from triggering, it just pauses its execution until the lock is released. By setting the shortest timeout possible the second instance will trigger, see the semaphore lock, pause, then time out and quit.

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