MIDI Triggers for continuous values (scrolling etc)

hello all,
been using KM for a while without a hitch however, I just come across something I don't know how to solve. Another piece of hardware is issuing the midi signals and this I can't control but is the hardware I want to use for several reasons which I went get into here.

Im using the MIDI control trigger for if CC no Increases (and subsequently, decreases) lets say the action is to scroll up down etc. obviioysly the midi controller isn't like the mouse wheel in that it stops at a value of 127. How can I either reset it to zero (or 127 depending) so that it can keep going or is this not the best way to think about it? I can increase the resolution (the intervals) of the dial but after a certain point that becomes a pretty hopeless solution.

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I take it that you are using an endless rotary encoder (so nothing is physically stopping the control being moved further :slight_smile: ). It is then a question of whether the hardware continues to output 127 when turned further. If it does, then perhaps a solution would involve incrementing a variable, used as a counter, every time another 127 is received (and clearing the counter when 126 is eventually received).

A similar method could be used for keeping track of repeated 0 messages when the knob is turned anticlockwise.

If your MIDI controller unit stops outputting CC messages when 127 and 0 are reached, you will need a way to tell the device to reset the particular controller, and I think that would be specific to the device.

Thank you for your reply,

I think i need to send a midi message back to the controller to reset it to 0 in the case of ascending and the opposite for descending which at first i thought might be impossible but I noticed just today that keyboard maestro becomes a midi device while the app is open ( I had cubase open at the time and noticed it come up in the list). If this is the case, perhaps I can get it to send this message when the controller reaches 100 or so, sometimes you turn it pretty quickly so i'd have to account for that and i'll adjust the resolution a little bit too. I don't know, i feel like a post midi mathematical solution is safer, i get worried about nasty loops and stuff with Midi, i've had a couple of bad experiences in the past. Something like midi x -1 or midi / 100 and then passed through?

For that approach, the first step is to establish whether your controller box would indeed respond to such a message. Then find out what that message would be. If you cannot establish that, it's a dead end.

For this sort of approach, you need to establish whether your controller box continues to output 127 when turned further, as I mentioned. If it does not, this too would be a dead end, since of course the controller would no longer be communicating.

I hope that helps clarify the starting position, as I see it. Good luck!

I can confirm for now anyway, the device continues to send out the same value of 127 or 0 when you get to the end. The the idea to reset the number to 64 or 0 etc isn't working but im not sure i want that anyway. just because im not turning the knob doesn't mean it's not happening, its likely to just completely undo the movement i'm attempting. For now, lets say adjusting the resolution to double or triple will be sufficient because in most cases i think it will. besides, when i get to the end if i do a small turn in the opposite direction, i seem to go back to almost the beggining again which gives me another shot at it - because ive got a more fundamental issue which is the decision making at the beginning.

I've tried if controller X increases then keystroke X else, keystroke Y
this doesn't really work because to get a yes answer for the descending direction, youd first have to go the other way to activate the trigger at all. i can have two knobs one for ascending one for descending, but thats not great, there are some advantages to it i guess but not a lot. I've tried stacking them, separating them, calling the change first but it all ends out the same. I can't seem to find a way to tell it check if its asending and/or desending and do this and that.

hang on a sec, is that it? two macros one for left and one for right but mapped to the same knob?