Mimic Alfred's behavior?

I have a Macro Group with 20 macros. I can group them into "categories", for example let's say 5 of them are related to images.

Is there a way to use a shortcut that triggers the Macro by Name action and then typing for example "img" then SPACE, it will only show me the list of those macros? I would need to add something to each macro, like a tag, that knows that that macro will only show when "img" space is typed in.

Hope it makes sense.

For example, I use F3 and it shows me the "spotlight" version of KM (Macro by Name). Then I type
img [spacebar]
and instead of seeing all 20 macros from that group, it only shows me the 5 macros with the img "tag"

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Update: I was able to achieve this using the Comment action. If I add a comment with "img" (without quotes) then I can just type img and it will only find those macros. To make it even more exclusive, I can define my tag as =img so even if I have some macro that uses img in the name or a comment related to an action, it won't find those.

I'm open to other approaches, though, even if it's just for learning a bit more about KM and how to achieve similar things, so feel free to share :slight_smile:


That's the best way I can think of. Good work!

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Thanks Neil!