Minimize window without interrupting macro?

Hello guys

So, I have a macro for games using macro recorder to click buttons and mouse. Have any idea to minimize The Windows and The macro still running?

Like virtual box Will solve it?
Other idea?

Thanks for Help

If you know how to do it manually, then KM can likely do it for you automatically. (If you tell us how you do it manually, we can help you set up a KM macro.)

If you don't know how to do it manually, you should contact that company's forums or tech support. Since I don't have that product, I can't help you investigate. Personally, I won't download any product that can log keystrokes until I have carefully investigated its trustworthiness.

If you mean you want to carry on macro-controlling the game while the game window is minimised -- probably not.

And seriously -- it's called "playing a game" for a reason. If you don't want to actually play, why bother loading it up?

He's a new member here! We can't be too harsh towards new people. It might possibly be legitimate too, like he could be trying to overcome a physical handicap. I've seen two people posting on this website who say they are blind.

True. My apologies, @Francisco_Abenta.

I did try to think of a "legitimate" reason for macroing play of a minimised game, but couldn't. I would love to be proved wrong.

I interpreted his request differently. I thought he was asking for the minimization of the Macro Recorder app for macOS, not for a game.

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Ah -- good point, well made.

I'm afraid I let me knee-jerk reaction to macroing gameplay prejudice my response. Again, @Francisco_Abenta, my apologies for both that and the tone of my answer.