Missing Actions in Action List

Hi! I´m a new Keyboard Maestro user and I´m trying to create a Macro that resizes certain apps. I've managed to create one macro with two of my apps (Omnifocus and Calendar), but when I try to create another macro the "Move and resize Window" action is gone from the Action List (I've included a screenshot with this issue).

Has anyone run into this problem before? Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance for your answers and advice.

Hi Andre,

I can understand your confusion; it's definitely not immediately apparent where the action you're looking for is. The good news is that it's still there, just misleadingly named; the "Move a Window" action also includes the "Move and Resize Window" functionality (if you change the action in the macro editor, its title changes to reflect what it's doing too:


Incidentally, you can also duplicate actions when editing a macro without bringing up the action list. Just select one or more actions and press D, or hold down the Option key and drag an action to copy it where you want it to go.

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Oh, I see! I´m sorry for taking your time for such a simple question, but it´s really not apparent. When I began building this macro there was a specific action named "move and resize front window". Next time I looked it was gone from the action list, hence my confusion.

Thank you for your answer, you've just saved my whole Saturday afternoon! :slight_smile:

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It's not really practical to list all the variants of all the actions in the selector. Move window and Resize window are both listed, as is the more generically named Manipulate a Window, but there are about a dozen different variants of the actions. So the only alternatives to entirely about this confusion would be to list all of them, which would make the list so long you would never find anything, or not rename actions to provide more detailed titles, which would be less useful when trying to read the macro.

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@peternlewis, how about a compromise?

In the Action List you see when using the "Show Actions" menu item, then keep it as you have it.

But when the "Insert Actions by Name" is chosen, then provide all variations to an action to make it easy to find them.