Missing Menu from Outlook

Hi Everyone,

I'm using Outlook 16 (2021) on macOS Monterey.

I use the Menu Item → Submenu → Menu Item action in many apps, but in Outlook I cannot see all of the sub-menus.

Is this just a known thing with certain apps? First time I've run into it.

I want to do a menu for snoozing emails but I cannot because the menu is unavailable.

Here's the outlook Menu:

Here are the available KM menus:

So we're missing that entire Snooze section.

Thanks for any direction.

That’s a dynamically created menu...

You might be able to make it work by:

Message > Snooze

Then use a second such action to select a menu item using a regular expression.

Message > Snooze > ^Later Today.+

Starting the name of the menu item with a caret (^) will cause Keyboard Maestro to consider it a regular expression.

A pause between the two actions might be required.

Ah, thanks very much! This is what it looks like and it works as expected. Nice to be able to use it, I appreciate the help!