Modifier Key Behavior in BusyCal


In BusyCal (2023.2.3), Command-' (Command plus apostrophe) inserts a date and time in a format I don't like.

So I wrote a macro that triggers another macro in KM that types the date in ISO format [2023/07/22]. This is triggered by Command-Option-' (Command plus Option plus apostrophe).

But when I run this BusyCal macro it seems to ignore the option key depress and just read the command key, inserting the date and time in the non-desired format.

What am I missing???

Many thanks!

Instead of using the Type a Keystroke Action to run the other Macro use an Execute Macro Action. This will run your ISO date Macro (even if at some point you change its hotkey).

Or if for some reason you really want to run the other Macro by its hotkey, you can use the Trigger Macro by Hotkey Action.

Using a Type a Keystroke Action to try and run the other Macro is not recommended, which is probably why it is not working.

action:Type a Keystroke [Keyboard Maestro Wiki])

Brilliant; problem solved!

And thanks for passing on the informative link as well.

I greatly appreciate your sharing your expertise; mucho gracias!

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