Modify/Update Google Sheet Cell Using KM Macro

I use Chrome to access a Google Sheets file and would like to add KM command(s) to the macro shown (just before the "Pause Until Report Date Is Updated & Feedback Cleared" statement below) to change/update a cell that holds the latest Friday date associated with information in other cells. I've looked at the Google Chrome Control actions, but I'm not clear how to use them. Perhaps, this is something very simple, but I'm just not seeing it. Any assistance or suggestions would be much appreciated.

Keyboard Maestro “Steel Report Update Email” Macro

Steel Report Update Email.kmmacros (30 KB)

I answered on the other topic:

How you can get to and adjust the text in the date field to the current date.

What are you trying to adjust it to?

How is this different to your original topic?


This was the original topic which didn’t receive a response, so I entered the other with hopes it was simpler and would get a response. Which it did!