Modifying form text when cut/paste cmds are missing

I have a case, in Logic 9, where a “save” type of command opens up a familiar form. The name of the object to be saved is already selected. I need to modify that name by adding an extension to it. For example: The form wants to write out “vocal” and I want to change it to “vocal.RX”

Normally I would cut, past and then just type the extension and hit return. Or maybe click at the end of the text and continue typing.

The problem here (and I think it’s a bug in Logic) is that in this particular form CMD-C, CMD-X, CMD-V do not work. So I cannot use them in the macro.

However, if my mouse is over the opened form, and I right-click, I get a sub-menu that does (hmmm) contain the commands cut/paste/copy. They do work. However, no key commands are assigned.

My question is - what is the best way to grab the selected text (given the restrictions described above), change it and put it back in the form before hitting return?


Hey Avi,

I would try to directly grab the text out of the field with System Events.

Using the UI Browser demo you can point-and-shoot to target the field and then UIB can create an AppleScript for you.

It won't be easy the first time you do this, but it may be the only reasonable way to do what you want.

Don't try to use it without watching the tutorials.

You might be able to use Keyboard Maestro to do a right-click on the field and then type-select to the action you need, hit {return}, etc. — but if the System Events method works it will be much more organic (and safe) in the workflow.