Mojave 10.14.4 - [SOLVED] Wait For Safari to Finish Loading not working properly

Just updated to 10.14.4 and the action Wait For Safari to Finish Loading is not working properly.

  • It never actually "completes" the action and KM keeps "waiting" forever.
  • It looks like if I interact with the URL/Smart Search Field with the ⌘+L shortcut the action works.

Any ideas?

See this from @peternlewis

Thanks, Jimmy.
It's a shame they remove it.

I'll try to incorporate the %SafariReadyState% token on my workflows.

This is a major problem. I use this action in 90% of my macros. Any ideas on how to work around this would be greatly appreciated.

My workaround (at this moment) is to replace all instances of that action for an "Alert" and I wait for the page to load. Obviously, that only works for macros that are not scheduled.

However, Peter is suggesting something like "Pause Until Conditions are Met", using the text token %SafariReadyState% is "complete".

I haven't tested that solution yet.

I have created a Plug In Actions to replace the broken built in one. Hopefully Apple will fix Safari, but probably not.

The plug-in solves the issue for me Peter. Thank you!

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I found a different solution. I replace Wait For Safari to Finish Loading with Pause and it worked!

The "Pause" action is an alternative.

Unfortunately it's not reliable enough since webpage loading times vary. I guess it could work with a high enough pause value for any give webpage, but that's an ugly solution.

Hmmm, weird maybe I wasn't using 'Wait for Safari to Finish Loading' correctly. I always had to put in a time for loading.

See my simple native solution to wait for Safari to finish loading here. Doesn't need a plugin!

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